We try to grow things the old fashioned way so our fruit not only tastes great, it is good for you!

About Kafarela's

The Kafarela Family have a 70-year history in the Swan Valley of Western Australia.

Vincent “Coffee” and Maude purchased the block with the help of a family cousin in 1944.“Coffee” helped pay for the block by clearing land in the wheat belt with an axe.

Coffee had immigrated to Australia in 1927 from a small island named “Vis” in the Adriatic Sea. He bought with him a love of the land and the grape and fruit growing skills that he learnt from his parents.

The Mediterranean climate of West Australia was very similar to his “Old Country”. He felt at home. Grapes, melons, figs, peaches, nectarines and broad beans all grew well here in the rich, fertile soil of the “Swan”.

Things have changed a bit since the early days when Vincent ran the property. “Larry the horse, along with his plough, have long since gone and new varieties of seedless table grapes, peaches, nectarines and even Mango’s now grow on the 17 acres of land that sits alongside the Great Northern Highway.

Jack and Janet continue the family heritage by producing fresh fruit, tasty jams and farmhouse preserves.

“We’ve got a great product” says Jack; in fact, our customers enjoy the quality of our handpicked fruit so much that some have been buying our fruit for more than 40 years.

We tried a new approach a few years ago and started selling our fresh grapes “door to door” to people at offices, businesses etc. Each week during the summer fruit-growing season, we do regular “rounds” to these businesses and offer our customer’s fresh picked grapes and fruit, along with jams and honey etc. Jack and Janet continue the family heritage by producing fresh fruit, tasty jams and farmhouse preserves.

We try to grow things the old way and limit the number of chemicals we use so our fruit not only tastes great, it is good for you! We have been using Biodynamic-growing principles during the past 12-18 months to try to use nature to improve the quality of our soils, which in turn will improve the taste, and flavour of our fruit, without the need for chemical fertilisers and sprays.

The cry goes out, “The Grape Man is here”!

Biodynamic’s will not change or improve our land and crops overnight. In the long term, it is a sustainable process that produces a healthy product for our customers and helps protect and care for our environment. An opportunity arose a number of years ago that gave Jack and Janet a chance to become the West Australian distributors for a healthy, great tasting, quality product known as “Patritti” grape juice.

Patritti is a Family run business from South Australia that produces non-alcoholic, 100% grape juices that are free of preservatives. Kafarela’s Vineyard supply the full range of Patritti grape juices to various stockists throughout West Australia, along with sales to the public from the shopfront located on the vineyard.

Why not drop into our friendly shop and say “G’day” to Janet. Pick up a bag of fresh picked seedless grapes to munch on, grab a jar of Janet’s jam to try on your toast at breakfast or have a free taste of some non-alcoholic Patritti grape juice and buy a bottle for your next special occasion.

With a bit of luck you might even see Jack “The Grape Man” if he has finished one of his sales rounds!

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Pattriti Juices

It all began in the 1970’s – two of Giovanni’s sons (John and Geoff Patritti) came up with an ingenious and resourceful idea – one that has remained our distinguishing point of difference for more than 40 years.